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ParcelAlert is a package tracking system that helps you stay organized and get the right package to the right resident. The system is designed to streamline package logistics and decrease the time a package waits in the office by sending automatic email or text notifications to alert or remind residents that they have a package waiting in the office. ParcelAlert is also integrated directly with LobbyDisplay.

See Parcel Alert
in Action

Cut Out 85%
of Time Spent
Handling Packages

Property managers can scan the package tracking
number number straight into the system.

Manage Packages
In Half the Time

Paradigm’s concierges went from spending four to
six hours on package handling to one or two per day,
depending on the time of year.

Case Study

Time Spent on Packages

with ParcelAlert

Better Tracking and Organization

ParcelAlert organizes all of your packages into one easy-to-use database.

Resident Database Integration

Pulling from the same resident database as your property management software makes it easy to retrieve packages using any criteria.


An optional hand-held scanner can translate barcode information from shipping labels to help log and track incoming deliveries.

Sign for Packages

Selecting a package will prompt a signature screen allowing the customer to sign for their package and automatically save their information.

Lobby Display

Transform your lobby television into a beautiful extension of your brand. Display weather, RSS feeds, package pickup notifications and more.

  • Custom Branding

    Customize Lobby Display to match your property’s branding and incorporate any RSS feeds to deliver news to your residents.

  • Rotating Images

    Select multiple images to rotate throughout your display.

  • Local Weather Feed

    Display the current and upcoming weather from weather.com with automatic updates.

  • Integrated Package Alerts

    Another way to notify residents that they have a package to pick up.

Reduce Package Handling Time

Increasing package handling efficiency will save you time and money.

  • Batch Entry

    Users can enter multiple packages into the system at once. After they are entered, all residents are automatically notified via text, ResidentPortalTM, and email.

  • Search and Auto-fill

    Quickly find the right resident by searching for the resident’s unit number or name.

  • Alerts

    Notify your residents of packages waiting to be picked up. Residents can opt-in for alerts via SMS text messages, emails, and view notifications in ResidentPortal™.

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