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The industry's market leader for apartment websites offers unmatched scalability to easily convert prospects with secure, responsive web designs. A variety of flexible templates showcase real-time data and fully integrate with property management software.

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Increase Conversion

ProspectPortal offers a research driven, highly structured layout to keep users interested and on your site longer.

Tracking &

Robust reporting tracks lead sources, marketing ROI, and abandonment rates so you can easily follow up or spend your budget better.

User Informed

Our teams have spent months testing our sites through observation and feedback from users who were currently in the market for rental properties.


Multiple Floor
Plan Views

Floor plans can be viewed as High Rise, 2D, 3D, and Aerial view to ensure that prospects get a realistic perspective.

More Leads

The most advanced and efficient tools in the
industry to capture and funnel traffic online.

  • Real-time Availability

    Our advanced integration and real-time availability allow prospects to select floorplans, check availability and review pricing all in real time.

  • Guest Card Integration

    All captured guest cards will fully integrate with your property management or lead management software.

Redd Chat

Enable an AI-powered, virtual assistant to ease the burden of site teams and provide prospects with an efficient, intuitive web experience. Redd works seamlessly within ProspectPortal websites to answer frequently asked questions, provide real-time information on pricing and availability, and even schedule tours for prospective renters.

Redd engages visitors with menu-based prompts to guide them to relevant information and also records a transcript of each interaction, allowing for effective lead follow up.


Control Your
Online Presence

Add fresh content, enter SEO keywords,
or switch to a new design with just a few clicks.

  • SEO Toolkit

    We provide all the tools to control your own content and meta-data. Learn more about our SEO Services.

  • Extensive Theme Gallery

    Take your pick and brand it your own with the best looking and most functional website available.

  • Themed Widgets

    Tailor your site with a variety of custom widgets and relevant contact information to help capture interest at the most opportune time.

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