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Take the hassle out of managing vendor relationships with an easy-to-use interface that helps efficiently organize vendor information and automatically notifies you of issues.

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VendorAccess Works


Invite your vendors to utilize the VendorAccess portal so that their most current business information is easily available to you.

  • Vendor Business Information

    Automatically sync key information so that it is always up to date.

  • Locations

    Vendors are synced by location so that you only have to import information for the locations you want to.

  • Contacts

    Automatically import contacts from your vendors, while still maintaining the ability to manually manage contact lists as needed.


Ensure that your vendors understand your specific requirements and that you can accurately monitor their compliance.

  • Documents

    Choose the specific documents you would like to require vendors to upload (W-9, licenses, insurance validation, etc.)

  • Screening

    Run a credit or criminal check on potential vendors to review for liens, judgements, bankruptcies, or other undesirable warning signs before engaging in a new business relationship.

  • Insurance

    Establish the types of insurance information you require from vendors, including coverage amounts. The system will automatically track policy expiration dates and notify you as the date approaches.

  • Compliance Rulesets

    Manage rulesets by property for each vendor, allowing you to adjust for the various business requirements of individual properties.


Improve the speed and accuracy of billing processes with the ability to directly handle purchase orders and invoices electronically through VendorAccess with synced vendors.

  • Purchase Orders and Invoices

    Save time and reduce manual data errors by electronically submitting your approved purchase orders to vendors for processing. Vendors are also able to submit invoices electronically. Invoices automatically funnel into your established invoice approval routes.

  • Compliance request information review

    Receive and review vendor compliance documentation. With no middle man, you'll have greater flexibility and full insight into the vendor relationship.

  • Status Allowances

    Configure status allowances to prevent PO, Invoice, and Payment creation. The status allowances will allow you to stop the applicable processes before the system follows any established approval routing.

  • Approval Routing

    Review purchase orders, invoices, and payments based upon a vendors current compliance status.

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