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Unconventional Software for Student Housing

Entrata® Student

Entrata Student was built from the ground up with students in mind. Rather than taking conventional software and building a few workarounds for student housing, we've built a software solution to specifically meet the unique needs of student housing operators.

Find the
Right Match

With Entrata Student's innovative tools you can efficiently match up roommates and easily make unit assignments or changes.

  • Roommate Matching

    Roommates are automatically matched based on applicant information such as amenities preferences, area of study, hours of activity, neatness, visitor preference, or other criteria. Roommate matching works seamlessly with the unit assignment board and wait list functionality.

  • Bulk Unit Assignment

    A visual representation of unit spaces shows your pre-lease occupancy data, based on unit type. Simply drag-and-drop residents onto unit spaces. Unit assignment letters are then generated automatically and can be distributed via email.

  • Move-In Checklist

    Students can submit required information via the ResidentPortal (signed addenda, proof of insurance, ID photos, etc.) even before they arrive. The Move-In checklist shows all the outstanding items in one place. During move-in, students can check in at a single workstation to complete the move-in process. All data captured is automatically updated in the system.

Right Price, Right Space, Right Time

  • Student Pricing

    Entrata Student Pricing delivers results with proprietary technology that optimizes revenue so you can be confident in your asset's performance. Entrata's in-house experts will help you establish a pricing strategy to drive top line growth, minimize exposure and variance, and stay relevant in your market, all while improving operational flow. Entrata Pricing gives you the right price, on the right space, at the right time.

Plan Ahead

Improve your forecasting with Entrata Student features that help keep you organized when it's time to turn units, and enable easy online lease signing and renewals.

  • Make Ready Board

    Entrata Student offers a digital display of unit-by-unit make ready status. The board is updated in real time and clearly displays next steps for each unit. Turning an entire property over the course of one or two days can entail lots of work orders and the Make Ready Board keeps everything in order.

  • Online Leasing

    Streamline your leasing process with true online leasing. Leases are instantly generated at the time of application and all signers (residents, roommates, parents and guarantors) sign independently, meaning no one has to wait for anyone else to complete their part. Students can even sign their lease on a touchscreen tablet with their finger, and automatic notifications are sent to the resident and the manager each step along the way.

  • Automated Renewals

    Want to improve forecasting? Entrata Student offers tiered renewal options with flexible setup for incentives. Your system can auto-generate offers or you can customize them for specific residents. Bulk sending options makes it easy to get offers out to all residents in a very short period of time, and online lease renewal signing wraps up the whole process.

Entrata Student

Entrata Student leverages the power of Entrata Management Suite and incorporates your property accounting, purchasing, facilities, and leasing data into the industry's most comprehensive property management software available. Whether you need to quickly move-in a resident, post transactions to the ledger, or automate your renewal offer process, Entrata Core provides everything you need to make a difference at your property.

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