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Simplified Compliance
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Entrata Affordable

Entrata® Affordable™ allows you to seamlessly manage compliance for HUD and Tax Credit properties. With an easy-to-use interface and built-in logic, you can easily determine eligibility of households to maintain compliance.

Entrata Affordable is backed by our comprehensive property management platform which helps simplify complicated workflows with "what's next" prompts, as well as automatic alerts to staff members if a step is missed. With all your processes running through a single platform, you'll not only save time and effort for staff members, but you'll also be able to track data more efficiently and accurately.

Streamline Compliance

The "What's Next" workflow navigates site staff through complex processes such as certifications, HAP requests, TRACS files and reporting.

Automatic Income Limits Updates

There's no need for reminders to watch for annual income limit updates and manually process them. We'll automatically upload HUD and Tax Credits limits for you.

Special Claims Generator

Want a quick way to generate more revenue for your site? We'll search for eligible special claims for your property. All you have to do is click to generate the form.


Entrata Affordable has built in compliance logic and interface guides to help site staff easily move through certification workflows.

  • Certification Wizard

    An easy-to-use interface guides site staff through all the steps to certify households from move in to move out.

  • Manage Multiple Subsidies

    Our compliance logic makes sure households are held to the most restrictive standards in multiple subsidy situations.

  • Integrated Screening

    Process credit and criminal screening within the lead and certification workflows.

  • Built-in Document Management

    All certifications and documents are stored at the tenant level.

  • Robust Reporting

    Reports include income targeting and demographic information for your portfolio.

HUD Features

Take the hassle out of monitoring claims and repayment agreements with automated notifications and actions.

  • Automated Special Claims

    Easily generate special claims forms for eligible claims that the system finds for you.

  • Repayment Agreements

    Manage multiple repayment agreements per tenant with monitoring for any missed payments.

  • Post HAP Payment

    The system pre-populates voucher information for easy data entry and reduced errors.

Tax Credit Features

Easily view and manage all compliance and state reporting items.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Dashboard graphics let you see whether or not your site is in compliance at all times. You'll also have the capability to drill down to the unit level.

  • State Reporting

    Manage all Tax Credit electronic and paper state reporting requirements.

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