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Increase Your Market Value with Simplified Utility Billing


ResidentUtility is a low or no-cost utility management solution built to increase your utility expense recovery. Utility costs are the third highest expense for multifamily communities, but raising rental rates to offset increasing costs can make you less competitive and upset residents. ResidentUtility’s Convergent Billing avoids those pitfalls and helps you maximize your recapture rate, increase your NOI, decrease delinquencies, and make informed budget decisions.

Utility Billing

Give managers and residents a streamlined experience by using one, unified bill for rent and utilities. Improve the recapture costs associated with utility expenses, increase online payment adoption, and eliminate the number of resident delinquencies, while adding to your bottom line.

  • Billing Methods

    Give properties the chance to choose between options like RUBS, submeters, and flat fees. Entrata provides invoices for lease charges only, utility charges only, or our industry-leading convergent bill.

  • Pre-Bill Process

    Use the industry’s most streamlined pre-bill review and approval process. Quickly review, approve, or reject utility charges, recapture rates, and resident charges within the Entrata dashboard.

  • Single Payment

    Offer residents an easy all-in-one payment for both rent and utilities in ResidentPortal.

  • Automated Move-Out Process

    Collect final utility charges faster by instantly generating statements containing prorated final utility charges.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Use ResidentUtility's reports to stay on top of utility provider costs, recapture rates, specific resident billing information, sub-meter health, etc.


Improve resident satisfaction and visibility while reducing billing questions and increasing collection rates.

  • Complete and Compliant

    Rest easy knowing your properties billing methods are in compliance with local laws and regulations. ResidentUtility performs a lease audit to ensure you are legally optimizing your recapture rates.

  • Custom Messages

    Communicate with residents about more than just rent and utilities with customizable message fields on resident invoices.

  • Direct Payments

    Upgrade to more effective direct payments for more profitable results than bill-and-collect services can provide.

  • Customer Service

    Direct residents to contact Entrata's customer service line and staff to your dedicated billing specialist for utility billing questions.

Recapture More of Your Utility Costs

The average 300-unit multifamily community can lose up to $20,000 annually when new residents fail to put utilities in their name. Vacant Cost Recovery can help decrease these costs by more than 50%.

Entrata matches all vacant unit utility bills to your properties' real-time rent roll and sends a notice with all utility charges and a violation fee to discourage utility theft.

Utility Expense Management

Utilities are the third highest operating expense at a property and if not properly analyzed, can negatively impact NOI for a company. Entrata's Utility Management solutions help ensure your property is not being over- or under-billed.

Data Entry

Send property invoices directly to Entrata's utility experts, who enter utility data into the AP system.

Utility Audits

Let Entrata’s utility experts audit utility data for anomalies in bill details, consumption, and financials and work directly with utility providers if an error is found.

Data Analytics

Integrate data directly into Entrata AP and store for future access for more robust reporting and actionable utility data.

38% of All Utility Bills Have an Error

Properties will encounter some type of billing or metering error on utility bills. Property management companies could be paying as much as 25% more than they should be paying at a particular property.

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Submeter Installation and Management

Increase your market value with accurate readings by the industry's best submetering service.

  • Individual Consumption

    Enable properties to bill residents for actual utility consumption. Entrata installs water, gas, and/or electric submeters for individual units.

  • Environmental Impact

    Reduce water consumption by 25 and 35 percent with submetering alone.

  • Submeter Installation

    Let Entrata install, test, and warranty your properties' submeters. Entrata will also manage the maintenance of submetering systems to verify accuracy of billing data.

  • Submeter Maintenance

    Protect your valuable submeter system investment and ensure your meters are reporting at an acceptable level with Entrata's Meter Maintenance program.

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