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Take Control of Your Online Reputation


All-inclusive reputation management software with a unique, easy-to-use interface allows properties to monitor, respond to, and publish reviews and manage social media account content.

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Pull all of your online reviews into a single dashboard with ReputationAdvisor.

Over Time

Review your properties’ improvement over time.

Identify Review

Use robust reporting to discover where residents leave the most reviews.

Track and Evaluate

Watch your properties’ reviews and assess where you can improve certain processes, amenities, or services.

  • Manage Reviews

    Monitor how properties interact with reviews. Reply to reviews and mark as resolved. Quickly track reviews and responses.

  • Strategic Support

    Configure ReputationAdvisor to match your existing engagement strategies.

  • Review Attributes

    Understand your properties’ strengths and weakness by assigning positive or negative attributes to the review to evaluate progress for distinct attributes.

A Response for Every Review

Entrata's Leasing Center Agents will respond quickly and appropriately whenever someone posts an online review of your property. It's delegation at its finest.

  • Clients control which reviews get responses via customizable settings.
  • Responses can be submitted as part of an approval process.
  • Responses will be published or submitted to client within 24 hours of receiving review.
  • Reviews will be responded through our Leasing Center agents.

Social Media

Ensure your property has a clear voice within social media platforms. Post to multiple social media outlets through one content management system.

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  • Schedule Posts

    Schedule social media posts for holidays, special events, and recurring posts.

  • Manage Staff Account Access

    Manage access and permissions on property accounts and track post histories across social media platforms.

  • Image Management

    Easily add photos and other images to social media posts with built-in access to your property photos and media library.

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