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Entrata Military eases the pain of transitioning information through multiple technology products that most operators managing privatized military family housing have experienced. Entrata's platform allows all processes to move through a single, efficient workflow without the need for endless workarounds or separate logins.


  • MAC Payment Processing Workflow

    Entrata Military stores and automatically updates each year's BAH rates for behind the scenes calculations during the application process. A simple workflow generates the MIMO file, collects and updates records based on the Promotion and Demotions, then reconciles transactions upon receipt of payment. At a quick glance you are able to see where in the MAC workflow each installation is at it.

  • Permanent Change Station and Deployment Tracking

    Track the relocating military base of departing service members in order provide basic information to the new installation's housing provider. Indicate any service member as deployed in order to offer them a discounted storage rate and periodically check up on their home.

  • Waitlist and Waterfall

    Create custom priorities based on the waterfall needs specific to your installment. Export and manage the waitlist, issuing offers for units that can be accepted online with ease. Online application and lease signed streamlines the move in process.

  • Military Standard Reporting

    Ensure your Schedule G and PAM reports are populated with accurate data and completed in less time.

  • Maintenance

    Mobile maintenance solution tailored to the needs of operating military housing. Track response time, due time, and exclude work orders from reporting during unforeseen circumstances in order to accurately present performance metrics quarterly.

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