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Screening Shouldn't Slow You Down


There's no need to delay decisions while waiting for a third-party screening service. ResidentVerify folds applicant screening smoothly into your leasing process. It keeps you moving by combining applicant data collection, screening submission, and results reporting all within ProspectPortal's online application.

Seamless Screening

Handle resident screening without having to send applicants and users to another site.

Integrated Information

Built directly into ProspectPortal's online application, there's no separate information to fill out or third-party programs to log in to.

Quick Results

Unlike other screening processes, which can take days, ResidentVerify returns a screening result just moments after you submit for review.

Application Fees

Application fees are built right into the screening process, so you'll never have to worry about losing money to missing fees. Screening submits automatically once the fee is paid.


Choose to screen based on whatever criteria best fits your workflow. Screening options include:

  • Applicant trade-line and credit scoring
  • Instant national, state, and county level criminal
  • Criminal category classification
  • National eviction coverage
  • Manual court searches
  • Proprietary risk scoring

Built For
Your Needs

ResidentVerify is designed with flexible setup options so you can adjust the screening process to operate according to your specific business needs.

  • Customizable
    Approval Parameters

    Easily customize the screening parameters used to determine whether an applicant is approved, approved with conditions, or denied.

  • Fair Housing Act

    ResidentVerify's screening interfaces ensure that you stay compliant with Fair Housing procedures.

  • Manual Reviews

    A manual review process takes place for all criminal hits. This helps to eliminate many of the non-match records that return.

Remove the

Transition applicants to residents faster and more easily than ever before.

Support Team

Our team of screening experts can help interpret your rental criteria, create appropriate settings, or handle customer disputes.

  • Compliance, Not

    Our team also handles any consumer disputes and helps keep you compliant with Fair Housing regulations.

Your life is about to
get a whole lot easier

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